Lauren and Ric's Wedding

Daytona Beach, Florida

Engagement Story

Told By Ric:

“When I was in my early twenties I came up with, what I think, was a brilliant idea. I figured that if I was ever going to ask a girl to marry me, I would do it on my birthday. Because of all the days on the calendar, I figured they would never see that coming…ever.

A couple of weeks prior my mom (and very frequent/wonderful poster to my blog) Carolyn Susman, or as I know her Mom, came up to visit me for what looked like random reasons. But in reality she was here to pass along “The Family Stone.” I was able to hide it in the 10 seconds I had when L wasn’t looking. Our “Family Stone” started with my Father’s Mom and Dad. It was then passed to my Dad who used it to marry my mom and my mom gave it to me so I could ask L to marry me.

I had to hide the ring for about 2 weeks until my birthday. So why ask my girl to marry me on my Birthday? Well for the reason I stated above and because I wanted to give myself an EPIC gift, life long love.

So as it went, we enjoyed a long day at the beach, accompanied by a lovely sunburn, I was ready to start the night grilling on the river that our motel, The Dolphin Inn in Cocoa Beach, was pushed up against. As I was grilling some meat and drinking a nice cold beer my buddy Ronnie said something super deep without realizing it. He was watching the sun set and said, “Hey it’s like we are watching the sun set on your youth!” He meant it as a joke but in reality he couldn’t have put it better. I just smiled and kept that line in my head.

We all ate the ribs I made and the bacon covered hotdogs, and the corn and potato salads and everything else. Then with about an hour of sunlight left in the day I got up and started to make a speech about how happy I was to be enjoying my last moments as a YOUTH with such good friends. With every chance given Ronnie’s wife Emma, my good friend Charlie Galvin, Ronnie, and even Lauren herself were making jokes at my expense. Which I just had to smile about, because how could they know what I was planning next?

So I finished up my speech about being a child no more and doing something to really prove how adult I want to be now and took out the Family Stone and got down on my one good knee and asked “Lauren Michelle Dozier, would you do me the great honor of being my wife?” To with she said, “I guess.” It was all perfect. Charlie at the behest of Emma started snapping 1000000 photos and L and I enjoyed our first moments of being engaged.

Now that my friends, is how you celebrate a birthday!”

Lauren’s Response:

“It all started as a big beach celebration in Cocoa. I was already excited to be celebrating such a big milestone in birthdays with Ric. I never had any idea that he was going to ask the big question that day.

He forgets to mention how he was being so nervous all day… which I only saw as him being weird at the time. There were a couple things that he was so worried about – all including the hand. I didn’t put any of this together until hours after he proposed.

The funniest thing that happened that day was while I was relaxing on the beach with Emma and watching the guys. I reached over to get something from the beach bag and something stung me in the knuckle of my middle finger on my left hand! My middle finger was swollen which made my ring finger swollen also. Ric was so concerned about the swelling for the rest of the day. I can undertsand why being concerned for me, but he was really worried. So worried that I was worried that he was so worried.

Then after he grilled up bacon ribs and bacon wrapped hotdogs, he kept going on about how much time was left of the sunset. He wouldn’t stop bringing it up. And then he asked me if I needed a napkin and if there was any BBQ sauce on my hands. I of course took this as a time for joking around and tried to wipe my hands on his shirt. Then, his speech came. Like he said above, we all joked around as he stood there nervously speaking about growing up. And when he got down on one knee, I thought I would lose it. But I held it in and gave him the greatest answer of all time: “I guess” with a smirk.”


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