Lauren and Ric's Wedding

Daytona Beach, Florida

How We Met

Told By Ric:

“It was almost 4 years ago to this day that I received a message on my Okcupid account from a girl with purple hair who had a batman tattoo on the back of her neck. Her internet name was “Modest Chick” named for one of her favorite bands, Modest Mouse.

Comically the day she messaged me was the day I had planned on taking my account to “In a Relationship” status. You see I had been seeing someone for a couple of weeks now and wanted to update my profile on the free dating site. I really thought Modest Chick had a cool profile and she seemed to like a lot of the same things I did. So I texted her back that I was actually in a relationship right now but that, “I can always use more friends, if that’s ok with you?”

Obviously she said it was cool, and from there we started chatting about the events of the day. She even started seeing someone else for a little while. Then after about 6 months or so of talking online with each other we came to a point where we were both single.

I had just missed her birthday, as it was on the 21st of September, but I promised her I would take her out that Thursday to dinner and a movie. We picked, Burn After Reading, as our first date, but decided to go have dinner since the movie wasnt going to start any time soon. It was then that I started referring to her as Elle, you see I had never really learned her name. Her Okcupid profile had her called “Modest Chick” her MySpace profile said she was “Elmyra in real life” but I would be damned if she ever actually told me her name. So I had to wing it and just went with Elle, assuming her name was Elymra…This maybe the luckiest moment of my life, because I shortly found out her name was Lauren, and in my head Elle became L. She loved the idea of her nickname and started to refer to herself as Elle ever since.

After dinner we sat down for the movie, this movie was dark and demented and down right weird. I loved ever minute of it, and much to my delight so did she. We would go on a few more dates to video arcades and random other nerd events. But it didnt matter how long we waited, it was pretty clear we had too much fun with being around each other to ever stop. That my friends is the story of how I met the woman who I would very much like to spend the rest of my life with.”


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