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How Did We Do the Save the Dates?

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Making the Save the Dates were so much fun!!!!

First, we selected 3 photos taken by our friend Charlie Galvin for our engagment.

Second, we used another friend’s talent – this time with photo editing. Our friend Jesse Long altered the photos into comic book format. He also added all the necessities to make each one into a comic book cover.

Third, we went to a FedEx Office and with the awesome help from their very knowledgeable staff, they helped us get exactly what we needed and wanted printed in less than 10 minutes ( and I am including my inability to make a decision on the type of paper). They offered to crop the photos, but Ric and I decided to do it all at home because I have a bunch of scrapbook supplies on hand.

*** We decided to pick specific groups of people for each photo (or ‘variant’). Our friends will get the ‘kissing’ copy, our extra nerdy friends will get the ‘lantern pose’ copy, and family will receive the copy where we are looking out to the river.

Fourth, We cropped all photos and then had to cut up a bunch of extra backboards we had for comic books. I cut them down to size so they would only be slightly bigger than the photo itself.

Fifth, I used a hot glue gun and placed a strip of glue along the top of each backboard, then placed a photo copy on top.

Sixth, I placed each photo w/board in it’s own plastic bag (yes, we bought bags from the comic shop just for this). Pushing the board to the bottom of the bad and laying it flat on the table (using the board itself as a measurement), I placed a ruler along the edge of the board (on the side of the open-end of the bag – see photo). Then, using a X-Acto blade, I cut the bag along the ruler (on the opposite side from the board, simply trimming the bag down.) This left enough of the bag to fold over like on envelope, yet keeping the ‘bagged comic book’ look.

Seventh, I printed up labels for our address and the address of everyone we sending out to. Taking each board out of their bags, the lables were placed on the back of the board as if the were envelopes themselves.

Eighth, Ric made of inserts to place inside each bag to welcome to our wedding celebrations and inform about the wedding website.

Ninth, all inserts, including any additional invites (for the bridesmaids/groomsmen/flower girls) were placed bewteen the board and photo before placing it back into it’s own bag.

Tenth, each bag is sealed completely with tape, stamped, and mailed.

– Lauren.


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